Current Projects

Sensorimotor integration via recording and stimulating major arm nerves

  • Understand how to best utilize motor and sensory information in the design of accurate neural controllers for future generations of forearm prostheses.

HAPTIX (Hand Proprioception And Touch Interfaces)

  • Develop and test methods to provide dexterous, intuitive motor function and cutaneous and proprioceptive sensory function after hand amputation.

Functional electrical stimulation to restore natural gait in animal model of paralysis

  • Develop and evaluate methods to restore natural, coordinated, and graceful gait in an animal model of paralysis.

Magnetic microcoils as alternative method of neurostimulation

  • Develop hardware necessary for magnetic stimulation of peripheral and central nervous system and prove the principle of magnetic stimulation

Utah Multisite Electrode Array (UMEA)

  • Perform in vivo evaluation of recording performance of an experimental varient of the Utah Electrode Array with multiple electrodes per shaft

Rapid Electrode Multiplexing for Scalable Neural Recording

  • Perform in vivo microelectrode characterization in support of rapidly multiplexed recording application specific integrated circuits