At the Edge of Fiction: The LUKE Arm (Colomba Films, Chile)

This excellent video segment by Colomba films (Santiago, Chile) highlights our recent DARPA HAPTIX study and participant, Keven Walgamott. The goal of our HAPTIX (Hand Proprioception and Touch Interfaces) research at the University of Utah’s Center for Neural Interfaces (CNI) is to attach a dexterous, sensorized prosthetic arm—the DEKA LUKE arm—to the user’s own remaining arm nerves and muscles after hand amputation. In this way, the user can control the arm naturally and intuitively, just by thinking about it. They can also receive biologically realistic feelings of touch and movement back from the arm, and ideally even begin to feel whole again. The video also highlights several CNI members and their ongoing related research projects.

This video, produced by the University of Utah Public Relations team in collaboration with the Center for Neural Interfaces, aired in Utah theaters for several weeks around the time of the Star Wars Episode IX release.

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